Czech Republic
May 6, 2016

IPS Fulldome Festival: Only 40 days left!

The IPS Fulldome Festival Brno 2016 will begin in 40 days and there are only a few tickets left! Do not hesitate and register yourself in time at the festival webpage. What can you look forward to? We are working hard to get everything prepared for you. More than 60 films are being copied to our projection system and checked by our technical stuff to make sure everything will run smoothly. The festival guide is ready for print so that you can enjoy your stay in Brno and easily find the best places to visit or the best restaurants to taste local food and drinks. Last but not least, the festival programme is almost prepared. Want a glimpse? Well, here it is. Please note that this is not the final version and some changes may occur before the beginning of the festival. Festival programme


09.45 The opening ceremony

10.00—12.00 Dark Universe Liquid Universe The Man from the 9 Dimensions

12.00—14.00 Earth Symphony Deep Sky Capturing the Cosmos A Murmuration of Light

14.00—16.00 Journey to Space GALAXY KIDS: A Star With My Name Phantom of the Universe: the Hunt for Dark Matter Chiang Mai Deep Trip

16.00—18.00 Hidden Universe LICHTMOND — Days Of Eternity Destination Solar System

18.00—21.00 Gravity Revealed Life under the Artic Sky Jules Verne Voyages Edge of Darkness Dino Planet

21.00 Let’s go to the fireworks


09.00—12.00 Clockwork Ocean Origins Space Rock Symphony Fermentation YAKOR, The memory of worlds

12.00—14.00 From Earth to the Universe Starlight (Northern Hemisphere version) The Accidental Astronauts: An Earth Sun Moon Adventure

14.00—16.00 Do We Drink Water From Comets? Aurora: Lights of wonder Secret World of Moths

16.00—18.00 Dragons Space School Solar Superstorms

18.00—20.00 How have we solved the secrets of distant stars? Planet 9 Rosetta Hello Earth Flower Universe

20.00—22.00 The Secrets of Gravity To Worlds Beyond We are stars Tomorrow Town 2

22.00—00.00 From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA Seeing! A Photon's Journey Across Space, Time and the Mind! Diagram of Our Universe The Shadow HORIZON (teaser) NASA's Journey to Mars


09.00—12.00 Samskara Humpback Whales FEBRUAR Tochtli, the Lunar Rabbit Adventure Polaris, the space submarine and the mystery of the polar night Cosmic Front — Time Travel

12.00—14.00 KAGAYA's Aurora Uma Aventura no Planetário Cosmic Front - First Stars If Hacivat and Karagoz wonder to space

14.00—16.00 A Journey through Time (Time travel) LIFE FORCE — Secret Life in The Red Namib Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way ORION: Exploration Flight Test 1

16.00—18.00 Space Next Remains of the Dinosaurs Incoming!

18.00—19.00 Asteroid: Mission Extreme UFOs And The Aliens Incredible Sun

20.00 The gala evening (awards)

21.00 The farewell party


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