August 27, 2013
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Job Opportunity: Lead Digital Media Producer at Morehead Planetarium

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center is looking to add Lead Instructional Media Design and Animation Specialist to their fulldome planetarium show production team.

The team creates films for some of the biggest screens in the world and they’re currently looking for an experienced full production generalist who can do visual effects, 2D/3D animation and has a bit of on-set production experience.

The group works in a small, 3-person team which allows them to have a great deal of creative input into the final product and controls development from cradle to grave. You get the opportunity to grow and develop your skills in a variety of areas while not being pigeon-holed into one aspect of production.

This is a full time steady job (not project based employment) in a University setting and the community of fulldome producers stress collaboration over competition.

Position Title: Lead Instructional Media Design and Animation Specialist.

Department Description

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center (MPSC) is a unit within The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC). MPSC strives to bridge the gap between science, technology and the public using the unique resources of UNC.

The Digital Production team is one part of MPSC whose main task is to produce fulldome digital planetarium shows for the local dome and for distribution around the world. Fulldome shows are the next generation of films that use the planetarium dome as a screen to communicate science, documentary and entertainment through cutting edge technology.

We are a small group of three full-time professionals and part-time UNC students who produce shows using 3D animation, video, sound design and other tools.. We also work with Morehead employees, UNC scientists and outside collaborators to write grants and scripts, compose music and mix sound. Since starting in 2007, we’ve completed four award winning full length shows and won a Domie for our first short.

Position Description

The Lead Instructional Media Design and Animation Specialist will lend significant creativity and production expertise to the development of science education materials. This position will play a key role in the development of fulldome digital planetarium shows, exhibition interactives and other media designed to engage, inspire and entertain school children and the public.

The Lead Instructional Media Design and Animation Specialist will (in conjunction with the other members of the team):

  • Work on the entire visual production process from concept to final deliverable.
  • Draw storyboards and concept art for the show.
  • Develop pre-visualization sequences using 2D and 3D animation software.
  • Shoot and light live action sequences on a green screen.
  • Composite live action plates and visual effects.
  • Create final, polished sequences by building and animating models and lighting in 3D as well as creating 2D motion graphics.
  • Render and finish the shows for distribution.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, communications, arts, media arts, or a media-related field is required. A Master’s degree is preferred.

Advanced knowledge of professional-level 2D and 3D animation and digital video (Some examples include: Maya, 3D Studio Max, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator). All degrees must be received from appropriately accredited institutions.

Essential Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

Strong art and design fundamentals background. Knowledge of story fundamentals and ability to advocate for good story when working in the team and with writers. Ability to accept criticism and translate feedback into goals, objectives, and solutions. Exhibits a balance of technical knowledge, organization, excellent creative problem-solving skills, and a good eye for detail.

Preferred Qualifications

Expert knowledge in Adobe After Effects and the Adobe Creative Suite. 3-5 years experience with Autodesk Maya. 1-3 years 3rd party rendering experience, preferably Mental Ray. Should have practical knowledge and ability to model hard and organic surfaces, texture, rig, animate, light, render, and composite 3d scenes and assets. Experience with integrating scripts, 3rd party plug-ins, and custom shaders.

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