Job Opportunity: Planetarium Data Visualization Research & Training

The Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai'i is looking for a full-time, limited-term (not to exceed sixteen months in duration) Planetarium Data Visualization Research & Training Specialist.

MONTHLY SALARY RANGE: $5,000- $8,000/Mon.

DUTIES: Leads in researching, developing, and training on cutting-edge place-based, culturally-grounded and Imiloa mission-aligned planetarium events and programs. Researches and implements data visualization in the planetarium format across the fields of science, culture and art for the benefit of Hawaii Imiloa. Responsible for the research and development of educational and public programs in the planetarium and other ¿Imiloa exhibit programs such as Ahua He Inoa (AHHI). Duties include the research, implementation, and evaluation of educational programs for all Imiloa planetarium audiences, including the development of new planetarium and audiovisual presentations that reflect an interdisciplinary connection to science and culture and other museum themes and subjects. Leads collaboration to engage scientists, cultural practitioners, students, and works with the Executive Director and other Imiloa staff to enlist and involve expertise, talents, and resources of local experts in sciences, culture, art and other disciplines. Oversees students and interns. Collaborates with the Imiloa Content Team to plan, develop, and deliver educational programs that align scientific knowledge with Hawaiian culture and integrate Hawaiian culture and science as appropriate. Plans, develops and implements value-added, bi-cultural planetarium programs for K-12 and university school field trip students. Researches and develops programs focusing on Polynesian celestial navigation and Hawaiian star lines and other related astronomy content. Provides technical support to operate the complex planetarium system and maintain the operational condition of the Imiloa planetarium and its production facilities. Understands and is familiar with software development and training for educational and operational needs. Works with the education team to develop curriculum modules and activities for children in grades K-12 and for other formal and informal learners that integrate indigenous knowledge systems with Western science. Assists with curriculum development in other program areas that are relevant to Imiloa’s mission. Assists in data gathering for reports to support project management and grant reporting. Participates in off-site research for events, programs, and exhibits. Works with Imiloa team members and external partners to design, build and present research data (scientific and cultural) in Imiloa events, programs, presentations, and exhibits. Assists the Imiloa Administration team in implementing a variety of educational programs and events for students, visitors, and members that contribute to the understanding of Hawai‘i’s natural and cultural resources.

Learn more and apply on the official website.

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