Job Opportunity: Planetarium Director in Glassboro, NJ

In summer the Fredric and Jean Edelman Planetarium at Rowan University posted a sneak peek of a soon-to-be-reopened position. Now Rowan University officially seeks an individual to direct and oversee programming, planning, and organization of activities for the Edelman Planetarium. Rowan University is a comprehensive state-designated research institution that is located in Glassboro, N.J. The centerpiece of its Science Hall is certainly the Edelman Planetarium. The theater projection system is a Spitz SciDome HD in a 40-foot dome with a 5-degree tilt and 102 seats, installed in 2011. It has a 5.1 audio system, a laser projection system, and an “inset projector” for presentations and regular movies. The observatory features a 0.4-m telescope and a suite of CCD cameras. The director will be provided with a decent operating fund, and revenue from public and school shows is also available and carries over from year to year. This employee is expected to do evening sessions for astronomy classes and scout groups with the right to define their character and frequency. Moreover, a new director will get a chance to hold some non-scientific events, including wedding ceremonies, musical performances, poetry reading, and a couple video-game tournaments for student clubs.

Job Requirements:

  • Master’s Degree or doctorate in Astronomy, Physics, Science Education or related discipline;
  • A minimum of five years experience in planetarium operations or some equivalent activities is preferred;
  • A previous record of obtaining external funding in astronomy or physics outreach activities is a plus;
  • Training and experience in video production and presentation is desirable;
  • Prominent HR, oral and written language skills.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • To develop and implement K-12 and public outreach programs;
  • To oversee the operation of the planetarium and maintain the installment of new equipment;
  • To supervise undergraduate participation in planetarium activities;
  • To present programs to local school districts and expand the program to include after-school, weekend, and summer events;
  • To expand the collection of fulldome content possessed by the planetarium;
  • To promote the idea of planetariums as entertaining media and places for non-scientific endeavours;
  • To develop external funding to support these efforts;
  • To work with faculty in the use of the planetarium in undergraduate curriculum development.
Status: Regular Full-time Deadline Date: 1 May, 2016 Starting Date: 1 July, 2016 Salary: $69,000 - $107,000 Submit the application containing a vita, a copy of graduate transcripts, contact information for three references, and a two-page summary of the candidate’s vision for programming and funding of the planetarium including their qualifications for reaching these goals through the online application system. For further information or questions regarding this position, please email:

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