Job Opportunity: Planetarium Supervisor in Missouri

The Columbia Public School District is fortunate enough to have a 40-foot planetarium located inside Rock Bridge High School. Students, teachers, and citizens from both inside and outside the school district visit to learn about their place in the Universe.

The District is recruiting for a Planetarium Supervisor to deliver high-quality planetarium experiences for a variety of audiences in their full-dome, digital planetarium.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties

  • To develop and maintain a broad knowledge of astronomy research and news to ensure the planetarium show content is engaging and relevant to student's lives.
  • To engage visitors and communicate astronomical concepts accurately within the Planetarium.
  • To deliver planetarium shows and other astronomy activities to a consistent 5* standard for public, education and community groups of all ages.
  • To work with the Rock Bridge High School Principal and District Science Coordinator to fulfil the mission of building curiosity in science.
  • To participate in training and receive/give peer evaluation as required.
  • To carry out individual projects, tasks, and programs such as occasional weekend or evening special events.


Minimum Requirements: Familiarity with computers, both PC and Mac

  • Ability to troubleshoot technical problems
  • Open to learning software (Spice, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop)
  • Comfortable with public speaking
  • Knowledge of basic astronomical concepts and bright constellations (and the myths behind them)

Preferred: Bachelor’s degree; comfortable around computers (both PC and Mac); ability to troubleshoot technical problems; open to learning software (Spice, Adobe Creative Suite, Blender, etc.); comfortable with public speaking; knowledge of basic astronomy concepts.

Compensation & Other information

Primary Location: Rock Bridge High School
Salary Range: $36,000.00 - $58,705.00 / Annual (Salaried)
Shift Type: Full-Time

To learn more and apply please visit Columbia Public Schools' official website.

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