May 17th: Android Jones EYE-REZ 360 Immersive Projection Experience

Sunday, May 17th, Android Jones is taking over the C.U. Fiske Planetarium for the first preview of the Android Jones EYE-REZ 360 Immersive Projection Experience. They will have an art gallery open to the public in the lobby. Tickets for the planetarium 360 show are already sold out.

Explore the works of some of the most progressive visionary artists in the world based right in Colorado. Experience an art immersion in one of the most advanced 360 degree domes in the world, a gallery featuring a multiplicity of mediums, and live painting.

Fly through the cosmos as a state of the art visualizer pulls you through shapeshifting fractals accompanied by exclusive pre-produced mixes by Random Rab, Desert Dwellers, and The Human Experience - David Block. Then venture to other dimensions with full dome immersive projections by Android Jones.

I used to write papers about Android Jones while studing Fulldome at University of Colorado Denver. This is the kind of content I knew early on that would really be mind blowing... It's all about getting the Digital Dome medium in the hands of the right artists so that they can inspire the next generation. After that, we are primed to unlimited content for the dome. Next realm to take over is Hollywood!

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