February 12, 2018

Meet Reef Distribution at Imersa Summit in Columbus, Ohio

Reef Distribution features some of the finest fulldome programs on the market. Among them "The Secrets of Gravity - In the Footsteps of Albert Einstein" and "Kaluoka 'Hina - The Enchanted Reef." 2018 is the "Year of the Reef" and we are offering great discounts. Meet our new VP Business Development, Bjoern Jensen, who will be attending Imersa Summit in Columbus, Ohio. "Kaluoka 'Hina - The Enchanted Reef" was the first character based full dome film and it received numerous awards. “Kaluoka’hina” tells the intriguing story about an endangered reef, whose magic protects it against humans, the inhabitants have thus always lived in peace…until a volcano erupts, and the spell is broken.  An oil tanker approaches and is threatening to destroy the maritime paradise. Now it’s up to the young sawfish Jake and his pal Shorty to save and restore the magic of Kauoka’hina. Their only help: the ancient legend that tells of touching the moon. But how is a fish supposed to touch the moon? And how will this lunar riddle be helpful in keeping the oil tanker and humans away? We are happy to announce our ninth award for "The Secrets of Gravity - In the Footsteps of Albert Einstein". The Inner Mongolia Science Film Expo has awarded us with the Best Fulldome Film 2017. Since its release, the film has performed extraordinary at festivals and domes around the world. “The Secrets of Gravity” is a fully animated film which uses characters and an entertaining storyline. The most advanced 360° fulldome film regarding storytelling, scientific communication, education, and the unique combination of entertaining framework plot with scientific information. “The Secrets of Gravity” is a transmedia project made for 360°fulldome, flat screen and VR. It is the first fulldome project that was made using a Dolby Atmos sound mix. REEF has been distributing worldwide for over 10 years with digital planetariums or science centers and has built up strong relationships with international customers and partners to provide reliable distribution services. REEF performs marketing, administration services and worldwide distribution of high-end fulldome films with offices in Munich and Seoul. REEF focuses on the international distribution of impact fulldome projections which send out an impressive message and leave a positive effect on the audience. We at REEF are dedicated to cultivating relationships, mutual respect with our customers, business partners and employees. We work towards our customers’ satisfaction and constantly strive to additionally improve our quality.
"... empathy will be the key for the survival of humankind, everthing else computers already better in it than us."
– Stephen Hawking

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