MIRA 2016: Digital Arts Festival in Barcelona, Spain

MIRA is the digital arts festival focused on the intersection between electronic music and live visuals. MIRA festival is based on three connected areas: exhibition, distribution and education, and is held annually in Barcelona and Berlin. This time the festival will hold its 6th edition on November 10, 11 and 12 at Barcelona’s art factory Fabra i Coats. This edition of MIRA has scheduled more than 30 activities focused on music and live visuals: 20 AV shows, 360º fulldome shows, 4 conferences, 2 screenings, 3 immersive installations and MIRA’s Digital Art Gallery, a new creative space of the festival.
Immersive Dome Workshop

The dome set up in Fabra i Coats for the Immersive Dome Workshop. 
Photo credit: MIRA Digital Arts Festival

The festival expands the exhibition spaces of Sant Andreu factory occupying more than 1,000 m2 dedicated exclusively to digital arts. The artistic installations will be placed in the Sala Bota, the Godard Room and the Turquesa Room, while the MIRA Digital Art Gallery will be located in the Center d'Art Contemporani (CAC) on the third floor of the same Fabra Coats. This year MIRA and Telenoika also organize a 3-day workshop, presentations and other activities around the immersive visual and sound experiences. The Immersive Dome Workshop aims to work the theory, the different technical options and set up, as well as the 360º content creation for dome structures. Lessons driven by international experts take place on November 7, 8 and 9 in Fabra i Coats venue, using the MIRA Dome and other facilities of the venue. Since 2011 MIRA has been an international placeholder in the digital arts calendar generating new creations, unexpected symbiosis, knowledge transfer and opportunities to ensure musical and visual artistic match and create immersive experiences in audiovisual shows, fulldome audiovisual shows, installations, workshops, screenings and conferences.
MIRA festival visitors

Visitors enjoying screenings during the MIRA festival. 
Photo credit: MIRA Digital Arts Festival

MIRA encourages artistic collaborations, enables the emergence of new projects and supports relationships between collectives, associations and individuals linked with digital arts and technology. The non-profit organization feature and the volunteering participation make outputs to be reinvested in promoting an attractive and sustainable culture. Thursday November 10 will be free. See complete schedule of 2016 MIRA and make sure to grab your ticket before it's too late!

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