NestDrop - VJ Engine for the Dome

For the last 7 months we've been working on a tool for VJ-ing in the dome... And now it's launched!

NestDrop outputs high-resolution high-fps visuals which react in real-time to the music. Also Spout is supported, so you can link the visuals into your favorite mapping software. Since the Milkdrop engine is at the core you can easily import your own Milkdrop presets. Use any audio source to drive the visuals, even live audio.

• High rez output: 4k @ 60fps
• Live preview and static thumbnails of presets
• Mark your favorites with 5 colors of stars
• Create multiple queue windows
• Search for presets by name
• Easily map your own hotkeys
• Auto-change presets based on beat detection

Preset Collection
We also provide a best-of collection of 9,795 presets which are organized into categories & subcategories. The presets have been organized into 11 category folders: Dancer, Drawing, Fractal, Geometric, Hypnotic, Particles, Reaction, Sparkle, Supernova, Waveform, Transition. Within each of these category folders the presets have been further organized into 183 various subcategory folders.

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