March 4, 2013

New FDDB Partner: SAT – Society for Arts and Technology

We are proud to announce that SAT – Society for Arts and Technology has joined the FDDB Partnership: welcome aboard! Founded in 1996, the SAT is a non-profit organization that is recognized internationally for its active, vanguard role in developing immersive technologies, augmented reality and the creative use of high-speed networks. The SAT, with its dual function as a centre for arts and research, was created to support a new generation of creators/researchers in the digital age. SAT’s new instrument - the Satosphere - is the first permanent immersive theatre devoted to artistic creation, live preformances and visualization activities. It is an open creation and diffusion space for videographers, sound designers, visual artists, architects, choreographers, performers, game designers and other content creators. SAT FEST 2013 is their annual festival of short 360° films to promote the creation of artistic content in the field of audiovisual immersion.

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