New Fulldome Shows available from Reef Distribution

Reef Distribution has added several new, visually stunning shows to its catalogue:

Fermentation is a beautifully choreographed piece of art by director Masashige Iida, which will give you insight into the fascinating process of fermentation, abstracted by contemporary dancers.

Bella Gaia explores the relationship between human civilization and our ecosystem through time and space and illuminates humanity´s impact on nature in a way that taps the audience´s emotional intelligence.

Flight of Fancy lets you experience your own fall from space, as it documents man's first free fall from Space to Earth in February 2013.

Alma, the Atacama Large Millimeter/ Submillimeter Array is a state-of-the-art telescope which opens up a window into the mysteries of the universe.

The story of Tao, a project team of Tokyo University, unfolds as an astronomer working on the construction of a huge infrared telescope on the peak of Mt. Chajantor meets a boy named Sherpa. Together they discover the pure fascination for the stars.

Galaktos tells the story of Eugène Milkman, an old robot who delivered milk for over 800 years on behalf of the company Galaktos. Together with his intern, Craig McIntosh, he goes on a journey through the Milky Way.

For more information and licensing, please visit our website:

We are frequently adding new shows to our program, so check back often!

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