The Sphere: Spherical Projection Theater

Located in the The Dubai Mall, “The Sphere” is the result of a collaboration between Dubai 360 and Obscura to create a life-size interactive experience in Dubai.

The goal was to design a physical space where high-quality panoramic content from the Dubai 360 website could be presented in a unique, fully immersive way. Visitors step inside The Sphere and walk along a suspended footbridge to the center, where they experience a fast-paced, six-minute film of Dubai shot in 360 degrees.

Dubai 360: Spherical Projection Theater

Powered by 18 synchronized projectors, The Sphere is the world’s largest interactive city tour in the world’s biggest mall — and the first of its kind in the Middle East.

The Sphere showcases Dubai’s pioneering spirit by integrating innovative ideas with technology to promote the wonders of the city.

"The launch of Dubai 360 has established new standards for how people experience a city. The Sphere is another extension of that experience."

Ismaeil Al Hashmi, Dubai 360 project manager

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