Planetarium Centennial Artwork Designed by PLANit

Most of you know me because of the Fulldoma Database but, more recently, I was also elected president of the Italian Planetarium Association (PLANit).

For the Centennial, we designed some artwork to provide all planetariums with a consistent style throughout the whole country. After multiple sketches, we set on a design based on two numbers: the number 23, which uses an old typewriter font and points to the birth of the planetarium, and the number 25, which uses an extremely fresh font and points to the current planetarium era.

Inside each number, we illustrated the development of the planetarium: the night sky that humans have always contemplated; Oskar von Miller, who first inspired the idea of the modern planetarium; the Deutsches Musem in Munich, where the first planetarium was installed; their proliferation, from the iconic one in Jena to the futuristic one in Shanghai; and last but not least, the new ear of digital planetariums, with their multiple applications. 

We also designed some products that Italian planetariums could get to better promote the Centennial: A5 flyers, roll-ups, and more. Although in Italian only, you can preview each of them here.

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