Planetarium Educator's Workshop [1/9]: Communication – Video Seminar

Based on Planetarium Educator's Workshop Guide, Part 1 (of 9) is about the significance and value of audience interaction with planetarium presenters.

The workshop was attempted online in videoconference mode with significant use of the chat function in an activity modeling instructor-student interactions. It's about a 1 hour workshop. There was a technical difficulty about 15 minutes in, but was resolved fairly quickly.

Chat - Planetarium Educators' Workshop Part 1 (date: April 26th, 2019)

The activity in this workshop is an adaptation of a live workshop activity in which the participants broke up into groups of 3 or 4 and one person in each group played the role of a teacher and the others played the role of students.  A simple diagram was displayed in the front of the room and each group arranged itself so the students had their backs to the diagram and the "teachers" all faced the diagram.

The object of instruction was for the students to be able to draw the diagram based only on verbal instruction from the teacher. Students not allowed to see the diagram at the front of the room. In this videoconference experiment, the intsructional goal is for students ate construct a written list of 3 words based solely on verbal clues from the teacher, without the words actually being spoken.

[Round 1 - John Erickson as "teacher"

Rules: a) “Teaching words” never spoken aloud b) No questions (or answers) . c) Instructor cannot see what the students have written until final exam.] [Final exam results-actual words were apple, television, music]

00:36:27 Karrie Berglund: 1. apple 2. television 3. music

00:36:27 Alan D: 1. apple 2. television 3. music

00:36:33 Karl: apple, tv?, paintings?

00:36:49 jon elvert: apple music storytelling

00:36:59 Dário Fonseca: Apple or Blackberry, Television, Music

00:37:01 Vince Tobin: apple, ?, music

00:37:10 Andy Kreyche: Apple, television, music. And even though I saw answers, I didn’t copy them. [Discussion of Round 1]

00:39:11 Karl: missed some of the description

00:41:10 Vince Tobin: It was tough not being able to ask questions. I couldn’t even ask, “Can you tell me more?”

00:41:34 Alan D: There was less information offered than I would have liked, to refine the distinction of television v. TV, and the nature of the art form. But the clues were very good.

00:41:34 Karrie Berglund: No major difficulties, but other teachers might speak more quickly or less clearly.

00:42:03 Dário Fonseca: missed a bit of the last description 

00:42:31 jon elvert: Good follow up discussion

00:42:36 Karl: Maybe repeating information.

00:42:45 Andy Kreyche: I was hanging on every word. Probably paying better attention than I normally would.


[Round 2 - Karrie as "teacher"   Rules: a) “Teaching words” never spoken aloud. b) Students may ask questions via private chat with teacher. c) Instructor cannot see what the students have written until “final exam.”] [Final exam results-actual words: mockingbird, bench, and handbag]

00:49:02 Andy Kreyche: Mockingbird. Bench. Handbag.

00:49:16 jon elvert: flying squirrel bench handbag

00:49:18 Dário Fonseca: 2 bench 3 handbag

00:49:20 Vince Tobin: mockingbird, bench, 7-letter word for purse

00:49:28 john_erickson: 1. mockingbird  2. bench  3. A handbag?!?

00:49:29 Dário Fonseca: no idea on 1, sorry

00:49:32 Karl: Mocking Bird, Bench, Satchel


[Round 2 analysis]

00:52:37 Dário Fonseca: i would have asked for more info one 1.

00:55:12 Vince Tobin: I wanted to ask a question, because I knew I could, but I didn't think of one fast enough.


[Round 3 - Karl as "teacher"] [Final exam results]

01:04:03 jon elvert: chair switch curcuit 

01:06:13 jon elvert: circuit, not curcuit

01:08:17 Karrie Berglund: 1. chair  2. terminus  3. switch

01:08:28 Dário Fonseca: chair, stool, stop switch

01:08:30 john_erickson: 1. Chair 2. Terminal 3. rewire

01:15:48 jon elvert: This has been great. Thanks everyone!! See you next month.

01:18:07 Dário Fonseca: I found it fun and interesting.

01:18:19 Vince Tobin: I wouldn't mind more.

01:20:21 Alan D: You are right about that. Roof Dome and Sky was morelike lab activities.

01:21:56 Dário Fonseca: *applause*

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