Planetarium Software Shira Universe 3.2 Is Now Available

The newest version of Shira Universe (v3.2) presentation software has just been released and brings along many new features:

  • Manual calibration with precision settings for opposite cave mounting a 2 multi-projection system. Shira Universe supports either 2x 4K projectors (4096x2160 each) mounting wide angle lenses to provide a 4K output; or 2x 2K projectors (2560 x 1600) to provide a 2K output on the dome using a single computer. Distortion and blend calibration settings are also very simple to to the simple 2-projector system.
  • This solution does not require any another calibration software and only require basic hardware specifications:
    • A single computer with 2 external display output. Cpu: i7 core; Ram: 8 GB; Disk drive: SSD 500gb (SSD is important); Display drive: Nvidia Quadro or Geforce series min 2GB ram; Two projectors equipped with appropriate lens projectors.

  • Shira Universe v3.2 delivers new Colored Hevelius constellation images.

  • Added APOD (NASA Astronomy Picture Of The Day) JSON link to Data2Dome and capability to download youtube videos. Bug fixes.
  • Support to the Russian language both on the GUI and the sky. 

For detailed information please visit Sureyyasoft website.

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