Domemaster Fusion Macros Released

Andrew Hazelden has released the Domemaster Fusion Macros toolset. The Domemaster Fusion Macros allow compositors and VFX artists to create immersive 360° stereo composites and visuals. The new immersive toolset is designed to work with Blackmagic Design’s Fusion compositing software.

The node based macros allow artists to reformat stereoscopic imagery between spherical, angular, and domemaster projections and rearrange 6 sided cubic panorama maps. Fusion’s node based approach makes it easy to re-target immersive content for Oculus Rift VR, fulldome, and panoramic format presentations, or composite live action footage into a panoramic backplate.

As a bonus, the Domemaster Fusion Macros also include several stereoscopic merging nodes so you can output your immersive content in the stereo 3D over/under, side by side, and anaglyph formats.


  • Angular2Equirectangular
  • Cubemap3x22CubicFaces
  • CubicFaces2Cubemap3x2
  • CubicFaces2HorizontalCross
  • CubicFaces2HorizontalStrip
  • CubicFaces2HorizontalTee
  • CubicFaces2MrCube1Map
  • CubicFaces2VerticalCross
  • CubicFaces2VerticalStrip
  • CubicFaces2VerticalTee
  • Domemaster2Equirectangular
  • Equirectangular2Angular
  • Equirectangular2Domemaster180
  • Equirectangular2InverseAngular
  • Equirectangular2InverseDomemaster180
  • FisheyeMask
  • HorizontalCross2CubicFaces
  • HorizontalStrip2CubicFaces
  • HorizontalTee2CubicFaces
  • MRCube1HorizontalStrip2CubicFaces
  • Offset
  • StereoAnaglyphHalfColorMerge
  • StereoAnaglyphMerge
  • StereoOverUnderExtract
  • StereoOverUnderMerge
  • StereoSideBySideExtract
  • StereoSideBySideMerge
  • VerticalCross2CubicFaces
  • VerticalStrip2CubicFaces
  • VerticalTee2CubicFaces

The Domemaster Fusion Macros are available now starting at $49.95 USD. For more information about the macros check out:

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