Planetariums invited to a global event during World Oceans Week 2024

To celebrate the ocean, Embodied Sounds, Inc. is offering planetariums and fulldome theaters a one-week free license to its award-winning 25-minute 360° immersive film production, Sounds of the Ocean: A Mindful Underwater Journey.  This global screening event will run during World Oceans Week from June 3 - 10, 2024, presented in partnership with Oceanic Global and the United Nations Ocean Decade.

The film, shown at consecutive United Nations Climate Change Conferences (COP) and other major international events, has enlightened thousands of viewers on the critical role that oceans play in our planet’s health, while encouraging mindful activism by supporting mental wellness.  Audiences enjoy a relaxing experience of life underwater through authentic, live footage and sounds from below the ocean depths, accompanied by original music to create an immersive experience.

World Oceans Week is an opportune time for planetariums to take on a meaningful role—educating and inspiring communities to build the link between astronomy and the ocean.  People intrigued by Earth’s awe-inspiring oceans seem amazed to hear that our Blue Planet is just one among a magnificent family of ocean worlds and that all of Earth’s water comes from space. 

In exchange for a one-week free license to Sounds of the Ocean, the producers request venues to donate at least 25% of ticket sales to a local ocean or water conservation charity of their choice to foster community health.

In gratitude for this support, the producers will introduce planetariums to a new audience by displaying branding and a link on the film’s global screening microsite. (  The website and linked social media messaging draw an enthusiastic crowd of loyal followers seeking new, life-like physical world experiences.  Additional exposure will be possible on the official UN World Oceans Day & partner channels.

Venues can request a screening license as well as the film files by completing this form.  The film will be delivered as a 4K .mp4 & 5.1 audio mix.  Please email, with questions or for help finding ocean conservation charities.  The only cost for this screening license is a $250 administrative fee.  If your venue is unable to cover this cost, please let us know details and your case will be reviewed.  For additional screenings after World Ocean Week, a discounted license is available at a reduced rate for a limited time.

By honoring the ocean during this annual celebratory week, planetariums have potential to create true impact, providing a venue for local community to come together as part of a growing global movement committed to doing good for the ocean, while enjoying a truly immersive experience.

Learn more about the producers and our supporting team at this link.

We hope you will join us to help turn the tide!


Sounds of the Ocean is an official UN Ocean Decade Activity proudly produced by Embodied Sounds, Inc. a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation and member of 1% for the Planet.

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