Sciss and Neurodome present “Neurotours” - live travel inside the humana brain

Neurotours is now released as a complete live-show package and available for purchase to all Uniview 2.0 users. Awe your audience with an immersive live-travel inside the human brain - a first-of-its-kind planetarium show.

The tour is delivered in Uniview Panels, a click-and-go presentation interface that you can access on a portable tablet. The brand new live-show package contains:

  • Real-time datasets
  • Pre-made flights in Uniview Panels
  • A comprehensive, complete story line/script
  • Marketing material

The purpose of the live-show package is to make live presenter-led shows easier to present, and much faster to prepare. Saving time and resources, you can solely focus on striking your audience with the latest science visualization and storytelling.

Show Description

In Neurotours, the latest neuroimaging technology becomes our observatory to discover the inner frontier of human consciousness. In this live planetarium show, real brain images comes alive around us as we scale our inner universe.

We’ll be taken through MRI and CT scans all the way to two-photon microscopy of individual neurons. During the tour we’ll explore imagery on scales ranging from the size of the entire head down to the sub-cellular scale, millions of times smaller. It takes us flying through the skull to the outer layers of the cerebral cortex, exploring sub-components of the brain, wandering through neurons, and much more.

Throughout the journey, you get an unprecedented view of our place in the universe, and in turn, where the universe is represented in our brain. Complex 3D biological structures are hard to learn by looking at flat pictures in textbooks, but Neurotours does what no one has done before - it brings cutting-edge neuroscience into the planetarium and creates an experience where we all become brain experts. For most people, the tour will be their first immersive live-travel inside a real human brain... a truly mind-blowing experience.

Produced by: Neurodome®, in collaboration with Sciss.

Format: The presentation is installed by a few clicks via our zipped presentation format called bundles.

Software requirements: Neurotours requires Uniview™ 2.0.

Languages/audio: Being a presenter-led show, the tour comes without audio. The script is provided in English. Translation possibilities can be discussed.

Interested in Neurotours? Please contact us at

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