February 18, 2016

Sciss announces Johan Sköld as new CEO

Fulldome and planetarium vendor Sciss has announced that Johan Sköld, former COO, has been appointed CEO. Johan will succeed Staffan Klashed, who remains in a strategic role on Sciss’s board of directors.

Johan joined Sciss in 2006, and has since had the roles of Sales Director, acting CEO and COO. Over the last decade he has played a large part in the transformation that Sciss has made since the company was founded.

“I’m really excited and happy to step into this role at Sciss. Our team has been growing at a steady and responsible pace over the last few years, and I aim to keep that strategy and nurture the strong company and brand that we have built. For the upcoming years we will have major focus on new projection technologies, making our back-end even more cost efficient, and of course to keep developing Uniview to maintain our leading position in the market. It is a simple recipe, really – by providing the very best services and products we enable our clients to become successful, and we are in turn awarded for that by recurring business”, says Johan Sköld, new CEO at Sciss.

Staffan Klashed and colleague Per Hemmingsson co-founded Sciss in 2004, and Staffan has since led the company as CEO through its growth and development. Sciss entered the planetarium market by introducing the Uniview software to the industry, a data visualization technology with real-time computer graphics and interactive components. Together with the American Museum of Natural History and Digital Universe, Uniview changed the planetarium landscape and became the break-through for digital planetariums worldwide. Today, Sciss is a planetarium systems integrator that designs and builds complete solutions for dome theaters. Their scope has grown to include hardware, display systems, software, and the multiple elements that go into the design of modern, digital planetariums.

“It has been a fantastic journey”, says Staffan Klashed. “And yet we’re just at the beginning of this great adventure. With the public’s interest in science and astronomy growing, new science centers commissioned all over the world, and the entry of new technologies within projection and visualization, the future looks bright. I’m looking forward to continue to serve Sciss’s users and partners in my new board-level role, where I will focus on long term strategy and innovation.”

Operating globally, Sciss’s headquarter is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has local offices and representatives in the United States, Middle East, South America, Japan, South Korea, India and various countries around Europe. To view the whole team, please visit sciss.se/contact.

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