SkyExplorer 4 Introduced by RSA Cosmos at IPS 2016

During this year's IPS Conference in Warsaw, RSA Cosmos presented a new version of its software suite developed in collaboration with the scientific community. SkyExplorer v.4 comprises astronomical simulation features broadcasted on the planetarium dome, and an intuitive interface connecting the presenter and the planetarium.

Intuitive Interface

The convenient interface provides instant access to all system resources on one screen, and reorganize them with no delay for file copying time. An object can be easily dragged from the Library or Windows Explorer to the “dome view”, and then edited for the needs of a show. Labels and control menus are used without them being seen by the audience.
SkyExplorer 4 interface

With the easy-to-use interface show sequences can be made by pushing the record button and operating the controls manually.
Photo credit: RSA Cosmos

Remote Control

The journey of exploration can be controlled with iPad as the presenter walks among the audience and interact with them.

3D Real Time Galaxy

  • Over 159 billion stars
  • 10 million dust & gas particles
  • 117 000 HII regions
  • 50 000 Open clusters
3D real time galaxy

SkyExplorer 4 provides interactive galaxy and a large library of 3D objects.
Photo credit: RSA Cosmos

Open Cosmos Database

  • Full Solar System
  • Over 13 000 satelites from SPACETRACK catalog
  • Over 400 000 asteroids from ASTORB catalog
  • Over 3 000 comets from NASA SSD JPL catalog
  • Oort Cloud simulation (NAOJ)
  • Over 100 000 stars from Hipparcos catalog
  • Over 400 exoplanets (Schneider, CPSC)
  • Over 49 000 quasars and 780 000 galaxies (2DF, SDSS, V8K and Tully Catalog)
This SkyExplorer is the fourth edition of the 3D Real Time software suite first introduced back in the 2000s. With the software evolving each year, RSA Cosmos offers its users annual updating so that they can enjoy the features realized in the previous versions together with the newest settings.

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