Snice: A Fulldome Multiplayer Game, by Jacqueline Dittrich – 10th Fulldome Festival Diary

Snice gameplay

The gameplay of Snice as it's projected on the 360°-field of the dome

All work and no play can make even fulldome lovers quite dull. Jacqueline Dittrich from Mediendom Kiel knows how to avoid it and use the dome as truly entertaining media. Remember Snake game that was a must-play on old Nokia phones? Now it’s available in a new form and on a much bigger scale! Snice is a JavaScript multiplayer-game developed for Digistar 5 that is set up to 8 players. At the FullDome Festival we got a look at how 4 people can have fun in the dome. The goal of the game remains the same – to maneuver a line which grows in length without running into the screen border, a trail, or another obstacle. Each player controlled a dot on the dome that moved forward and left a trail behind, resembling a moving snake. The end of the trail was in a fixed position, so the snake continually got longer. With multiple snakes on the playfield, players attempted to block each other so their game rivals ran into an existing trail and lost. The one who managed to stay alive as long as possible was declared the winner. Based on the classical Snake game, Snice uses the whole 360°-field of the dome and turns a friendly match into a special experience. However simple and old-school the game seems to be, it takes entertainment beyond 3D glasses and VR devices, creating an immersive effect that can successfully engage a group of people.
Snice introduction

Jacqueline Dittrich presents a dome-based game - Snice.

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