World Premiere For "Coral Rekindling Venus"

Lynette Walworth’s latest fulldome production, Coral Rekindling Venus, will light up at least 25 domes around the world starting this week as part of their Transit events and subsequent screenings.

As part of the Transit of Venus celebrations, the show will captivate audiences from New York to San Francisco, Greenwich to Montpellier, Brisbane to Buenos Aires, and Beijing to New Delhi, on June 5th and 6th.

Echoing the history of Transits past when astronomers where called upon to enter into a spirit of international cooperation to gain knowledge and answer fundamental questions, Coral seeks to highlight the very same efforts required now to protect our oceans. With cool underwater footage and a soaring music score, this non-astronomical show will perfectly suit museums and science centers equipped with domes.

Coral Rekindling Venus is supported by a great set of marketing materials. Resources include a range of print, stills, video, augmented reality for mobile platforms, phone apps, screen savers, and websites.

The show is exclusively distributed by Sky-Skan. For more information about the production and major events, please visit the official website.

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