3D Emotion

Taluyers, France, France
Fulldome Producer

Studio specialized in 3D, our know-how extends to a variety of fields: animated film, virtual reality, creation of scientific educational content, etc.


Created in September 2001 by Vincent Arrouy and Stéphane Bertrand, the 3D emotion studio began producing shows for planetariums in 2005 with The Race to Earth.

Then, seven films have been produced, including GranPa and Zoé, and Hazelnuts. Our shows have received several awards.

What characterizes all our planetarium films is love of knowledge. Astronomy and astrophysics contain amazing subjects that have something to excite children and which can be good gateways to science.

Themes such as electromagnetism or the climatic conditions of the planets can be shared with everyone if they are translated into appropriate forms: original adventures, characters that we like, humor.

Alongside this activity, we make virtual reality, holograms, augmented reality, and cgi films.

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3D Emotion

Director Creative director & cg artist
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Creative director & cg artist
Creative director & cg artist

Productions & Co-Productions

img poster fulldome show hazelnuts-in-search-of-the-perfect-planet
Hazelnuts – In search of the perfect planet
img poster fulldome show Granpa & Zoe: Mission Light
Granpa & Zoe: Mission Light
Race to Earth

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Address: 668 chemin de la rosette
Postal code: 69440
City: Taluyers, France
Country: France
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 45.63880100
Longitude: 4.73732970
Phone: +33478519754