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Altairika is an edtech company that provides VR education and VR planetarium software and services for children. 105 partners operating in 18 countries.


Altairika Virtual Encyclopedia works in two models – franchise chain for countries where VR is not widespread for entrepreneurs and VR classroom for schools.

For educational institutions, we offer turnkey VR class equipment with constant updating of content and teaching materials for lessons.

Altairika as a franchise allows an entrepreneur to start a business in the field of education in a month, with a payback period of six months. The franchise includes a business model, a catalogue of 65 specialized shows in different disciplines, an educational portal, technical and business support.
Usecase: The franchisee arrives on an appointed date, gives out headsets to the children, and the they are simultaneously immersed in a session on one of the sciences. After the session, the franchisee collects equipment and goes to the next school. Schools and children do not need to buy VR headsets.

For STEAM, VR and other children’s centers
Adding an educational VR will highlight them among similar children’s centers.
The additional product will help to attract more children, increase the average check, reduce the payback period.

“Altairika” is a part of “Altair Holding” specializing in immersive education.

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Address: 30 Cecil street #19-08 Prudential tower
Postal code: 049712
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Continent: Asia
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