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Axon Genesis LLC

San Pedro, USA
Fulldome Producer

Axon Genesis is the sole work of Stephen Walker, a multidisciplinary visual artist and developer with a background in visual effects animation and graphics.


Axon Genesis is the sole work of Stephen Walker, an independent developer, visual artists, and music producer. Leveraging over twenty years experience in professional graphics and software, Stephen has developed custom tools for creating immersive experiences. His debut fulldome show, Horizons of the Future, is now available for licensing and will soon be available in VR.

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Axon Genesis LLC

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img poster fulldome show Bo & Bub's Cosmic Ride
Bo & Bub’s Cosmic Ride
img poster fulldome show horizons-of-the-future
Horizons of the Future

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Address: 741 W 24th Street
Postal code: 90731
City: San Pedro
Country: USA
Continent: North America
Latitude: 33.72222650
Longitude: -118.29368470
Phone: 9095090808