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Sternfreunde Amberg-Ursensollen e.V.

Ursensollen, Germany
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"Sternfreunde Amberg-Ursensollen" runs the "Planetarium Ursensollen".


The purpose of the “Sternfreunde Amberg-Ursensollen” association is to promote and operate the planetarium and the Ursensollen observatory, to attract young people to astronomy, to promote general public education in the field of astronomy and to supplement science lessons in schools and universities, as well as promoting the exchange of experiences through cooperation with other astronomical associations and observatories. The association conducts astronomical meetings, lectures and courses or promotes and supports them.

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Sternfreunde Amberg-Ursensollen e.V.


Contact details

Address: Allmannsberger Weg 20
Postal code: 92289
City: Ursensollen
Country: Germany
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 49.39795530
Longitude: 11.74034430