Origins of Life

Origins of Life

Origins of Life

Genre: Documentary
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Produced by: Mirage3D
Directed by:
Release date: May 2005
Type: Feature show
Plot keywords: animals atmosphere biology earth earth sciences evolution life life sciences oceans science sea universe water

Origins of Life deals with some of the most profound questions of life science: the origins of life and the human search for life beyond Earth.

Starting with the Big Bang, in chronological order, the show deals with the prebiotic chemistry in the Universe, the formation of stars, formation of solar systems, and the first life on Earth.

Furthermore Origins of Life covers the great extinctions as well as our search for (primitive) life beyond planet Earth.

This show is a inspirational journey through time and a celebration of life on Earth.

It features many recent discoveries related to life science, demonstrating that if there was ever a time that science made its greatest advances, it’s right now!


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Details and Specs

Long version runtime: 23 min
Suitable for: general audience
Target audience:
Resource & materials: DVD, guide for educators, poster
License: ticket share, traditional license
Official site:
Video format: Oculus Rift / VR devices, flat screen, fulldome, spherical mirror projection
Resolution: 1K, 2K, 3K
Frame rate: 29.97 fps, 30 fps
Audio format: 5.1, stereo
Stereo 3D: none
Production technologies: CG
Available languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Show orientation: unidirectional

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