Planetarium Science Center -Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Planetarium Science Center -Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Planetarium Science Center -Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The Planetarium Science Center (PSC) is an affiliate center of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA). It is a not-for-profit edutainment center dedicated to increasing the public’s understanding and appreciation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through scientific activities, shows, and interactive exhibits.

The Planetarium comprises 2 fisheye projectors, 100 seats, diameter 14.1, with a dome tilted 20 degrees. The PSC also produces 4K planetarium shows, as well as translation and dubbing for any show from English to Arabic

Institution: Planetarium Science Center
Opened in: 2002
System type: fixed
Category: Government / Municipal
Dome size: 14.1 (m)
Number of seats: 100
CEO / Director: Ayman Elsayed
Official website:

Theatre Details

Theater name: Planetarium Science Center -Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Institution name: Planetarium Science Center
Dome Type: fixed
Dome System: Digital
Main Purpose: Education
Main Audience: School Students
Opened in: 2002
Yearly average attendance: 80000

Dome Details

Dome Vendor: ADD vendor
Diameter: 14.1 (m)
Dome Shape: Geodesic
Dome Alignment: tilted
Dome Tilt: 20°

Video Equipment Details

Most recent upgrade: 2013
Projectors Configuration: Single Fisheye
N° of Projectors: 2
Projectors Brand:
Projectors Technology: CRT
Closest Dome Resolution: 4K
Stereo 3D: None

Audio System

Audio System: 5.1 System
Tot. N° of speakers: 6


Orientation: Unidirectional
N° of Seats: 100
Headrest Yes
Interactive device

Programming & Features

Programming & Features: Educational, Fulldome features, Traditional
Additional features:

People working at Planetarium Science Center -Bibliotheca Alexandrina

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Media Artist

Mohamed Aly Mohamed Aly

Productions & Co-Productions

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Fulldome Shows screened and screening here

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Seven Wonders

Contact Details

Address: 138, Chatby
ZIP / Postal code: 21526
City: Alexandria
Country: Egypt
Continent: Africa
Latitude: 31°5'59.64"
Longitude: 29°58'51.6"
Phone: +203 4839999 Ext: 1882
Fax: +203 4820464

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