i-DAT, Plymouth University

i-DAT, Plymouth University

i-DAT, Plymouth University

The IVT is a transdisciplinary instrument for the manifestation of material and imaginary worlds. i-DAT manages Plymouth University’s converted William Day Planetarium (built in 1967). Now reborn as a single fisheye projector, 40 seat Immersive Vision Theatre. The 25 degree tilt, truncated fulldome architecture houses a 10-speaker spatialised audio system enables the dynamic modelling of sophisticated sonic environments and musical performances. The IVT is used for experimental fulldome development, educational and public screenings as well as artists residencies.

Institution: i-DAT - Immersive Vision Theatre
Opened in: 1967
System type: fixed
Category: University / College
Dome size: 9 (m)
Number of seats: 40
CEO / Director: Professor Mike Phillips
Official website: http://i-dat.org/ivt/

Theatre Details

Theater name: i-DAT, Plymouth University
Institution name: i-DAT - Immersive Vision Theatre
Dome Type: fixed
Dome System: Digital
Main Purpose: Education
Main Audience: Adults
Opened in: 1967
Yearly average attendance: 7000

Dome Details

Dome Vendor: ADD vendor
Diameter: 9 (m)
Dome Shape: Spherical
Dome Alignment: tilted
Dome Tilt: 25°

Video Equipment Details

Most recent upgrade: 2015
Projectors Configuration: Single Fisheye
N° of Projectors: 2
Projectors Brand:
Projectors Technology: DLP
Closest Dome Resolution: 2K
Stereo 3D: None

Audio System

Audio System: 3D Audio System
Tot. N° of speakers: 10


Orientation: Unidirectional
N° of Seats: 40
Headrest Yes
Interactive device Yes

Programming & Features

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Contact Details

Address: i-DAT, Plymouth University, B315 Portland Square, Drake Circus.
ZIP / Postal code: PL48AA
City: Plymouth
Country: United Kingdom
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 50°22'32.76426"
Longitude: -4°8'18.864276"
Website: http://i-dat.org/ivt/
Phone: +447971993023

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