Geoff Koch

Nashville, USA

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In demand as composer and producer of original music for nationally- and internationally-broadcast television programs, films, commercials, jingles, fulldome/planetarium shows, station image promos, corporate/industrial works, songs and other media for over 17 years, Geoff’s music has been heard on everything from Saturday Night Live to the National Geographic Channel to international film festival circuits and planetariums. Whether the music is made with traditional pen and manuscript paper, or the latest electronic virtual instruments, or both, Geoff is comfortable utilizing whatever musical means is needed to create, produce and arrange the best stylistically and unique music possible. With his experienced understanding of the relationship between picture and music, and subtle contours necessary to evoke the right emotional impact through vivid and distinguished melodies, moods and musical textures, clients come back for his consistent ability to deliver exactly the music they want and on time.

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Lamps of Atlantis
Secrets of the Sun
Grossology and You
Take Flight

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