Hiromitsu Kohsaka

Tokyo, Japan

I have great interest in the relationship between the universe and life, and I am continuing to make full-dream video works with that theme.

About me

Born in 1960. Illustrators, animators and other handwritten video production as the starting point for the career, from the time of the early days of CG, I have independently developed 3D software and produced CG images. 1997 founded LiVE Company limited. CM, game images, large-sized images, corporate VP, etc., their production fields are diverse. Built in Nasu in 2005, it was a dream astronomical observatory that was a dream from childhood. He is also an amateur celestial photographer with a remote observatory.

My Organizations

My Shows

Hayabusa: Back to the Earth
MUSICA: Why is the Universe Beautiful?
HORIZON: Beyond the Edge of the Visible Universe
img poster fulldome show HAYABUSA2〜REBORN

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