February 6, 2018

2018 IMERSA Summit (Feb. 24-27th): Agenda

Join the 2018 IMERSA Summit at the center of science and industry (COSI) in Columbus, OH for the annual international summit that brings together professionals who create large-scale immersive digital experiences in the fulldome, themed entertainment, planetarium, giant screen and VR communities. The 2018 IMERSA Summit celebrates the tenth year of worldwide conversations. Participants in converging business and production sectors meet to shape the future of fulldome and immersive experiences. Seating is limited so register now!

Saturday Feb. 24th

3:00 IMERSA Matters and Inclusiveness 5:00 Opening Reception 7:00 Vision for IMERSA 2018 7:45 Clark Dodsworth FEATURE speaker Immersion, Storytelling, and Evolving Tools - 8:30 EXPLORE 9:00 Dinner on your own

Sunday Feb. 25th

9:00 Marketing Matters: Revealing Hidden Gems 9:30 Camera Matters 10:30 Break 11:00 Blender Tips and Techniques for Fulldome 11:00 Business Matters 2:00 Innovation Matters, Application of New Technology and Techniques 2:45 Amy Blackman FEATURE speaker, Data Hacked Creative, R.O.E. and the Meme-Geist 3:30 Break 4:00 Bob Cooney FEATURE speaker, Applications for Group VR Experiences 5:00 Virtual Reality Diver - show (tentative) 5:30 Art Matters, Dome Theater, Sponsored by Museum of Science 6:30 Flood, live performance, Osea Merdis and Phil Liddell 7:00 KYMA - Power of Waves 7:30 Liquid Architecture

Monday Feb. 26th

9:00 Interaction Matters; Pushing the Boundaries of Audience Engagement, Dome Theater 10:00 Global Soundscapes - Live show! 10:40 break 11:00 Making of Immersive Video Dome Theater 12:30 Lunch on your own, 12:30 IMERSA Expo, Vendors Matter 3:30 Immersive Matters Presentations, National Geographic Theater, 3:30 Fulldome Animation Drafting 4:00 SPLASH - Projection Mapping Engine, Auto-Parasitic Light Calculation Tool 4:40 SATIE: Spatial Audio Toolkit 5:00 Vendor Spotlight: What’s new from our vendor colleagues? dome theater 6:30 Food and drinks with vendors 8:00 E&S / Christie sponsor Demo: Tales of a Time Traveler, Faster than Light, Voyager to Eternity and Beyond (tentative)

Tuesday Feb. 27th

9:00 Production Matters - The Craft of Immersion, Dome Theater, Sponsored by Creative Planet 10:30 Break 11:00 Directing Dynamic Drama for Digital Domes, Douglas H. Trumbull, Sponsored by Evans & Sutherland 12:30 Lunch on your own 2:00 Festivals Matter, The World of Fulldome Events 3:30 Break 4:00 AFDI Update, The Association of Fulldome Innovators, 4:20 Meet Creative Planet! 4:30 Works In Production or Development 5:00 Bringing Theater to the Dome 5:00 From Big to Many: Ubiquitous AR Beyond the Theater 5:30 Break 6:30 Cocktails, Progress exhibition hall 7:00 10th Anniversary IMERSA Banquet 9:00 Party and fulldome shows: INERTIA,Travelling Kungkarangkalpa: Art Experience, SATfest 2017, Lamparium.

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