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Beautiful Baby Tilapia

Fulldome short-film about a little fish swimming in a big river in search of her missing family, illustrated by primary school kids from Tanzania.

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Type: Short
Genre: Animation
Release date: February 2020

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Plot keywords: animals water life environment



This fulldome short-film is about a little beautiful baby Tilapia swimming in a big river in search of her missing parents and siblings. In a simple and metaphoric way, the story explains environmental problems to kids.

The cartoon is made in collaboration with Saint Augustine University Of Tanzania and Nyamalango primary school in Mwanza, Tanzania. All the illustrations were made by the primary school kids.

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Show details

Shorter version runtime : 5 minutes
Full version runtime: 5 minutes
Suitable for: General audience
Target audience: 0 - 5
License: Traditional license, Free
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Technical specifications

Video format: Fulldome
Resolution: 4K
Frame rate: 30 fps
Show orientation: Unidirectional
Stereo 3D: None
Production technologies: CG
Audio format: Stereo
Languages: English

Production & Support


Screened at 1 dome theaters and counting...


A beautiful, witty & poignant short movie highlighting environmental issues. Especially special as the artwork has been created by young children in Africa. The movie works on many levels in that it is entirely suitable for children and adults alike. Must-see.

“ Beautiful Baby Tulipia” ,Oh! It is very colorful and interesting, very good for the child! Looking forward to more exciting programs to be launched in the future!