November 15, 2013

2013 Award Winners of the Russian Fulldome Festival

Here are the winners of the first international festival of planetarium fulldome shows that took place in Russia recently.

Fulldome shows

1. To Space and Back, by Sky-Skan Inc. 2. Life of Trees, by Softmachine 3. The Blind Man with Starry Eyes, by Saint-Etienne Planetarium

Planetarium live presentations

  1. "Galaxy in which we live", by Professor Anatoly Zasov – Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Moscow State University and Planetarium Cultural Center of the Armed Forces of the RussianFederation, Moscow
  2. "Telescope on Earth and in space", by Surdin Vladimir – Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, senior researcher at the SAI MSU and Planetarium and Cultural Center of the Armed Forces ofthe Russian Federation, Moscow

Fulldome shortcuts and clips

  1. "Relentless Night", by Sky-Skan Inc.
  2. "Native Star", by Novosibirsk Planetarium
  3. "Oblivion", by Nizhny Novgorod Planetarium

Fulldome Music Show:

  1. "Syncode 360", by Ralph Heinsohn Artworks

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