BJIFF 2020: Call for Submissions

The China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) warmly invites international producers to submit their fulldome productions to the "Science & Technology" section of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), to be held in Beijing on April 19-26, 2020.

As one of the big events of BJIFF, the "Science & Technology" section – which is jointly organized by CSTM and the Professional Committee for Science Popularization Venues and Special-Effect Theaters of the Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums – will screen fulldome shows, giant-screen films, 4D films, simulation films and other special-effect films.

Click here to download the required application form.


  • Subject: Films should be about popularizing scientific & technological knowledge, spread scientific thought and advocate the scientific spirit. Such as aerospace, artificial intelligence (AI), space & oceans exploration, humanistic history, prehistoric exploration, environmental protection, animal & plant life protection and science fiction films.
  • Film length and format: fulldome films with a length from 20 minutes to 45 minutes, delivered as PNG Dome Master (resolution not less than 4K) or 20 Channels MKV video file with Dolby 5.1 WAV Audio File; or 70MM/15P print with IMAX 6 Channels and WAV audio file.
  • Dubbing and subtitle: Dubbings in Chinese are preferred. If not, Chinese subtitles are required.
  • Film publication release: for registered films from the mainland of China, the Publication License issued by China Film Administration is required. For registered films produced outside the mainland of China, the hosts will have to approve it.
  • Film copyright requirements: The producer shall get authorizations from the copyright owner(s) ensuring that there is no defect in the rights for the film registered and bear the legal liability resulting from any unauthorized actions. Authorization documents and identification from owner(s) is required. No-primary distributor should provide all the related authorization documents issued by owner(s) from the highest level distributors to the registration party.
  • Relevant Fees:
    • No fee will be collected for the shown films.
    • Organizer shall bear such costs as transportation, import custom clearances and insurances of the copies of the selected international film delivered to Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee office; insurance and storage of the above film copies since the receiving date to the returning date to transportation companies; the transportation and insurance for returning the copies.
    • The registered party shall bear such costs as the storage, customs duty and other costs since the film copies are delivered to the port of certain country or area designated by the registration party after the Film Festival is closed; transportation for film demos and promotion materials delivered to China Science and Technology Museum; other expenses which shall not be borne by the organizer.
  • Screening Period: from April 4th to May 5th, 2020.
  • Relevant Dates:
    • Closing date for registrations: February 15th, 2020
    • Closing date for delivering the demos: February 15th, 2020
    • Closing date for delivering the films: March 14th, 2020
    • Closing date for delivering promotional materials (posters, trailers) delivery: March 6th, 2020.
    • Closing date for delivering the original copy of the Application Form(s) with signature or seal: 15 days after the confirmation notice is received.
  • Copy Mail and Return:
    • The selected international film copies are required to deliver through specified transportation to Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee office. (Please see Attachment 3 for the mailing address and account number). The Organizing Committee will not bear any associated costs if registration party use any non-designated transport mode and will assume no responsibility therefore.
    • Please inform the China Science and Technology Museum of the post date, content, tracking number, and copy return information by email after copies are sent (see Attachment 4), based on which China Science and Technology Museum will arrange to ship the copies back before May 30th, 2020. The Organizing Committee and China Science and Technology Museum will assume no responsibility and not bear any fee for the copy loses as consequence if the registration party does not provide information as required.
  • Others:
    • For the film selected into the panorama section, the registration party should fill out the Application Form in detail and confirm the Form by email or fax after it is either signed by corporation or stamped with the official seal of the registration party. Any unilateral withdrawal is not allowed after the confirmation.
    • For the film selected into the panorama section, all materials including the original Application Form, high definition demos (except the Blu-ray format), the scripts in Chinese, posters and trailers should be sent directly to China Science and Technology Museum. The trailers are required in MP4 format while the posters in editable layered TIF format. All the materials should be stored in hard disk or U disk.
    • Please inform China Science and Technology Museum of the post date, content and tracking number by email after such materials as the original Application Form, demos, trailers and others are sent out.
    • China Science and Technology Museum will provide each registration party with one exhibition position (location to be determined) free of charge for the business communication. The exhibition positions are limited in number. China Science and Technology Museum will make the overall arrangement according to enrollment and registration.
    • The production team of the film registered will be warmly invited to attend relevant activities of the “Science & Technology Section”. China Science and Technology Museum can help reserve the hotels for the registration parties who shall bear all the costs of transportation, board and lodging for their own.
    • Films currently still "in production" will be planned in this film expo. For more information and format requirement for these trailers, please contact the China Science and Technology Museum.

Click here to download the official address to send your content in.

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