Czech Republic
March 13, 2017

Buy the Ticket for the Fulldome Festival Brno 2017!

Here we go! We are not just another fulldome festival. Thanks to you we have gone completely crazy for fulldome shows! This year you are going to see at least 30 shows at the festival – from Asia, America, Europe and Australia. We also hope you will find the festival off program unique. No, we are sure of that! With no hurry and at peace you can choose the show that will become a blockbuster in your planetarium. During the festival, you can also personally meet some of the producers and agree on the price for the license of the show. After all, what else matters than playing the most beautiful shows in your planetarium? Public at the Brno Planetarium And now the most interesting! We’ve just started selling the tickets to our Fulldome Festival Brno 2017 supported by the International Planetarium Society! A 3-day festival ticket now costs EUR 30 for the early birds. And you can buy it through PayPal or with a credit card. Just click here. What are you going to get for your money? Of course, an unrepeatable experience of a great festival with the fulldome shows that have been made over the last year. In addition to that…
  • 3 days of festival show projection
  • an open buffet (lunch, afternoon snack, dinner)
  • a gala evening (program including dinner)
  • a visit to one of the world’s biggest firework festivals
  • free admission to some museums in Brno
  • a festival catalog
  • a Brno guide book and guided tour
... and a lot of other surprises... Anyway, get ready, as there is a limited number of seats in our digital planetarium! And the early-bird offer will not last forever! It ends on 31 March. Once again, visit the official web page and buy your early-bird ticket! Team members of the Brno Planetarium

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