April 12, 2012

DOME2012: a two-day immersive video experience

Ethan Bach, Digital Dome Manager and Co-Curator of DOME2012 @IAIA, invites you to


a two-day immersive video experience featuring the world premier of new experimental video art in the Digital Dome @ IAIA.

DOME2012 is the first artist-in-residence show at the Digital Dome at the Institute of American Indian Arts and is curated by Ethan Bach, Digital Dome Manager at IAIA, and Orlando Leibovitz, Art Director at the Santa Fe Complex.

This collaboration between the Institute of American Indian Arts and the Santa Fe Complex features video art created for the Dome by local and national artists: New Mexico artists include Mariannah Amster, Suzanna Carlisle, Bruce Hamilton, Craig Tompkins, Charles Veasey, Ethan Bach and Robert Drummond; featured national artists are Andrew Elijah Edwards, Meghan Tomeo, and Surabhi Saraf.

Each artist video is approximately three minutes long. Viewing time for the entire show is twenty-seven minutes.


"I made the reel and the show is amazing! Something you will remember for a long time."
Ethan Bach

The Digital Dome @ IAIA is the world’s first fully movable dome. This unique venue creates a physical and emotional response by immersing the viewer in high resolution spherical imagery and surround sound creating a physical and emotional response. It engulfs the viewer in the full range of human vision and sound producing a unique immersive experience.

The Digital Dome @ IAIA brings new life to the planetarium model of the medium by providing artists an endless amount of opportunities for creation.

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