January 16, 2012

Speakers announced for 2012 IMERSA Summit

IMERSA Fulldome Summit is less than a month away and great speakers have been invited to the event:

Featured speakers

  • Jeffrey Kirsch, Reuben H Fleet Science Center; GSCA Chair
  • Ian McLennan, Ian McLennan Consulting
  • Valerie Johnson-Redrow, Media producer; PGA New Media Council Board
  • George Wiktor, The GW Group; TEA past President

Guest speakers

  • David Beining, ArtsLab, Domefest
  • Markus Beyr, Markus Beyr
  • Michael Daut, Evans & Sutherland
  • Greg Downing, xRez Studio
  • Paul Fraser, Blaze Digital Cinema Works
  • Doug Greenlee, SoundKinetics
  • Yaroslav Gubchenko, Fulldome Film Society
  • Eric Hanson, xRez Studio
  • Jay Heinz, Morehead Planetarium UNC
  • Vance Howard, Artists by Nature
  • James Hyder, LF Examiner
  • Ed Lantz, Vortex Immersion Media
  • Toby Mensforth of Mensforth & Associates
  • Mike Murray, Clark Planetarium
  • Dan Neafus, Director, Gates Planetarium, DMNS
  • Barry Perlus, Cornell University Dept of Art
  • Mark Petersen, Loch Ness Productions
  • Berend Reijnhoudt, Omniversum; GSCA Board
  • Daniel Tell, Standards Chair, GLPA
  • Hue Walker, ArtsLab
  • Ryan Wyatt, Director, Morrison Planetarium, California Academy of Sciences
  • Ka Chun Yu, Curator of Space Science, DMNS

Check out the event's details page. For more information about speakers, sessions and screenings at the Summit visit IMERSA website.

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