January 19, 2016

Canon Prototype 8K Camera Footage Shown at CES 2016

2016 CES visitors were wowed by examples of the latest screen and video technology, among which was the Canon 8K Ride Experience, which harnessed ultra high-resolution video to simulate a physical experience. The public were shown a 2-minute video projected onto three screens. The main central screen directly facing the audience displayed precision definition, while the screens on either side of it showed a blurred image to give the impression of depth. The video, shot in the Czech Republic using a Canon prototype 8K camera, took the audience into a forest and then through the streets of a big city. Canon 8K Ride Experience at CES 2016 Whilst the need for 8K may be disputed, feedback report that the content was great. The emotion in the music, the various scenes throughout the film had been given a huge amount of thought. You could feel an inhalation as the train moved along the track towards its oncoming destination. And although the scenes depicted images from everyday life, they had been beautifully shot to show stunning landscapes and architecture at its best. Read Frank Bi's review of the Canon Experience at The Verge: I was taken for a ride by Canon’s 8K experience.

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