Fulldome Festival Brno 2024 Winners

The 9th Fulldome Festival Brno is now over...

And it was quite a ride! The three days went by fast and all there is left now are content smiles, good feelings and questions when and where will we all meet again. We want to thank you all! Many thanks to the producers who sent their shows, because without them we would have nothing to watch. Many thanks to all the sponsors, who help us a great deal to make the event so awesome. And last but not least, many thanks to the participants. Because you are what makes the festival so stunning. Meeting all our friends from all around the world is absolutely worth all the work and energy that goes into the festival preparations!

And now, without further do, we present the winners of this year's festival!

Audience Award

The Great Solar System Adventure by NSC Creative

The Brno Observatory and Planetarium Director’s Award

Asteroid Quest by St Thomas Productions

Best Movie Award

Dark Biosphere by Render Area

Best Short-Film Award

The Colour of the Night Sky by Zoltán Kolláth

This year's international jury was formed by Dario Tiveron (director of the Fulldome Database and president of the Italian Planetarium Association), Dr Jenny Shipway (science education, communication and consulting, co-chair of the IPS Education Committee and IAU Office of Outreach National Outreach Coordinator for the UK) and Yuriy Gapon (CEO of UMA Vision, awarded fulldome show's director).

See you all at the next Fulldome Festival Brno!

Or anytime sooner on any other event. :-)


photo credit: Brno Observatory and Planetarium

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