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Dear Fulldome Enthusiasts,

We are happy to announce FDDB - The Fulldome Database, a new exciting and friendly community for people who are passionate about fulldome.

The fulldome media is experiencing enormous growth, with new planetariums and digital theaters being built around the world: our main goal is to help this process by creating a new platform where information can be published and shared online.

FDDB won’t be the first website about fulldome, but we’ve been working to create some amazing tools that could improve the overall user experience. FDDB will be show-oriented and provide an online database where people can get information about fulldome shows produced by private companies, planetariums and independent filmmakers just for fun.

FDDB provides a great environment where shows can be browsed dynamically not only by title, but also by numerous parameters: “genre”, “content”, “video format”, “license type”, “production company”, “director”, etc. By accessing one website only, you will get a better picture of what’s available on the market and will be able to quickly pinpoint your interests and explore new ones!

We already have more than a hundred (wait, we passed that!) two hundred shows listed in our database and more are due to come. If you should like to add your show too, please feel free to do so. Just contact us and you’ll be ready to go.

"Some day in the not too distant future you'll be able to go to a movie and the movie will be all around you." Steven Spielberg

If you wish to receive news and updates from FDDB, please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. In order to create the most exciting fulldome community available, we also invite you to join us on Facebook and Twitter!

Of course we would like to hear feedback and suggestions from you so do not hesitate to drop us an email with your thoughts or just to say hello! There is nothing we appreciate more than hearing from our users!

As for the future, we have lots of ideas and projects we’re sure you’ll be thrilled about. We are looking forward to this fantastic journey and we are proud to have you aboard!

Fulldome audience

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