Hi-quality "Whale Dreams" 4K fulldome trailer is available!

Hello friends!

Happy to inform you  - "Whale Dreams" 4K fulldome trailer is available.

Those of you who haven't seen this show yet will be pleasantly surprised I hope. Indeed, "Whale Dreams" is an unusual product that expands the range of use of fulldome projection and shows how we can create a new impressions. I have prepared a fulldome trailer for you so that you can get acquainted with this interesting product and I hope you like it.

A trailer longer than 5 minutes gives a strong enough impression and immerses the audience in the experience of very unusual sensations and creates a positive touch.

My idea is that let's use domes more actively and more often to create more joy and love in our world! And you know beauty never can't be too much!

In general, "Whale Dreams" show was created precisely in order to immerse the audience in a state of peace and cheer up people.


Download the h.264 file and see how cool it is straight on the your dome!

Trailer download link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VtO0Y0Vyu9jr_DswCTIbWvb8HlZKWcgT/view?usp=share_link

Have a good flight everyone!

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