November 8, 2012

Introducing Our New Website

It’s been one year since we launched FDDB and WOW what a journey it’s been! Its first spark lighted up in March 2011 at the 2011 Fulldome UK event: what can each of us do to help the fulldome interest and audience grow? The next six months were spent on developing this idea into what became FDDB - The Fulldome Database. The database has been growing steadily, with new fulldome shows (added by producers from around the world), new companies and new people joining our partnership program. This, together with an incredibly high number of visits, proves there is growing interest in the fulldome medium! FDDB also attended some of the major international events for the fulldome community: the 2012 IMERSA Summit in Denver where the project was first presented to the community, the 2012 Fulldome Festival in Jena and the 2012 IPS Conference in Baton Rouge... so much fun! Today we’d like to announce our new website. We’ve been listening your comments and feedback, we’ve spoken with many of you to learn what we can do better, and we’ve done it! We rewrote the web engine from ground zero, ironing out a few bugs as well as implementing exciting new features. We’ve also redesigned our entire look and feel from scratch, focusing on ease-of-use and an exceptional user experience. It’s an exciting time for us at FDDB and we hope you will be thrilled with our new website. Thank you for this fantastic journey, we are proud to have you aboard!

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