Launching the New Version of the Fulldome Database

Dear friends, After 2 years since the last version, today we are launching the new version of the Fulldome Database! We closed the website to upload the template we developed for mobile devices but we came across a major technical issue that affected the entire website layout, both the desktop and mobile one. For the first days we tried to fix it, but eventually decided it wasn't worth the work as we would have ended up with a new mobile layout on an old website. Any upgrades would have been difficult later. We consequently decided to finish up the new version of FDDB – which we were planning to introduce much later in the year – and its completation took almost 3 full-time weeks. We are quietly opening it today, while the logged-in area won't be accessible for 3/4 more days as we are still working on it. But all news and other content will be accessible to all of you. When we went offline the plan was to be back in a couple of days, instead it turned into almost a month of being out-of-service. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and decided to play the card of transparency rather than looking out for some excuses. We have surely learned the lesson and will run better tests next time. Although the Fulldome Database is a non-profit organization that makes its tool available for free, we are strongly committed to deliver the best service to our planetarium and fulldome colleagues. We all hope you will enjoy the new, scalable website. Enjoy!

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