Award Winners at II Minsk International Fulldome Festival 2019

The 2nd Minsk International Fulldome Festival has just ended. During three bright and rich festival days were shown more than 40 best films from 22 countries of the world. All works of competition programme were evaluated by spectators’ vote and by our independent Professional jury, which included prominent scientists and artists.

With great joy, we announce the II Minsk International Fulldome Festival awards:

    • Best Documentary Fulldome Film: Arora, by Tommy Caron, Sarah Ouellet, Thinkwell Studio MTL
    • Best Animated Fulldome Film: How It Was Told To Me, OHU Domes
    • Best Short Fulldome Film: The Factory, Mixlab
    • Best Art Fulldome Film: Sphere, Robot Koch, Mickael Le Goff
    • Audience Award: Rosetta, Alexander Potekhin, Fulldome Film Society

MIFF Special Awards from the director of the festival and the Dobra Fund was presented to the authors of 3 films:

  1. Rosetta (Russia), director ─ Alexander Potekhin, production ─ Fulldome Film Society;
  2. Khrumka and the Magic Rocket (Ukraine), director ─ Iryna Filipova, production ─ Fulldome Studio DN;
  3. Colorful Universe (Russia), director ─ Alexandra Sharhun, production ─ Planetarium JSC (Moscow Planetarium).


Rating of the best MIFF 2019 films according to viewers

1. Rosetta 4,76


Cosmos Odyssey

Whale Super Highway

3. Polaris, the Space Submarine and the Mystery of the Polar Night 4,49
4. Minnesota In The Cosmos 4,46
5. Colorful Universe 4,45
6. CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story 4,43
7. Arora 4,42
8. Moonbase ONE 4,26
9. Buran 4,25
10. Night of Falling Stars 4,14

We are very happy to congratulate all the authors, who deserved the awards!

We also thank all the participants for their wonderful films, which graced the programme of our II Minsk International Fulldome Festival!

More information on the event's official website.

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