Magic Globe live event - see the trailer and talk to us!

Meet us and our script consultant Jenny Shipway live on Wednesday, 17 June (at 5 pm UTC +2), for a sneak peek of our new production, Magic Globe. See the movie trailer for the first time and talk to the creative team on a live session. The show and the trailer will be added to the Fulldome Database live during the event. We're looking forward to seeing you!

As always, we were all excited to show our work during the upcoming festivals and conferences. But then due to the unexpected and sad events, the whole world had to shift online. And so we did.

Our event includes two parts:

  • A 25-minute online stream on YouTube, including short talks by Maciej Ligowski and Jenny Shipway plus a trailer show. The stream starts at 5 pm UTC +2.
  • A zoom meeting, just after the live stream, when you will be able to talk to us.

All the essential links (direct links to the YouTube stream and zoom meeting) will be published later on in our social media and on our website. Join the Facebook event and don't miss any update! We can't wait to see you.

Magic Globe

On vacation at her grandpa's, a little girl Mia accidentally discovers a mysterious piece of astronomical machinery. Edmund, Mia's eccentric uncle, tricks the girl into using the tool's secret powers to change the world's seasons. She realizes the consequences of what they are going to do, but Edmund doesn't want to let the plan go.

Magic Globe is an engaging story designed to interest and challenge children from 5 to 12 years old. It has a clear educational structure with all science-related topics broken down into manageable chunks and naturally woven into the storyline. It allows children to recap knowledge they already have as well as learn multiple new concepts while following the story, which makes it perfect for mixed-ability audiences.

The movie is available in Fulldome 8K. Its stunning visuals have been created by the artists involved in such well-received Fulldome productions as Dream to Fly, Hello Earth, and Explore.

Produced by an award-winning Creative Planet studio, written by Zuzanna Ligowska, and directed by Maciej Ligowski. Art Director – Maciej Rasała.

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