November 22, 2013

New Fulldome Show: Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013

A new fulldome show was just added to the Fulldome Database, check it out:

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013 by Royal Observatory Greenwich Info & full preview available. The Royal Observatory Greenwich is taking the first steps towards producing content for other planetaria. The team aims to create free content for anyone who wants it, and have started with this little short, showcasing entries to the Astronomy Photographer of the Year. They hope to produce updated versions of this each year. The competition is a great opportunity to bring astronomy to the attention of a wider audience, with strong national media attention here in the UK generating a reliable surge in public interest in September every year. The team wanted to create something that people would find useful, and enable them to integrate it into an existing program, that's why they chose something short and narration free. Presenters can discuss astrophotography, the astronomical objects themselves, or even treat it as a purely ambient experience if they want.

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