New Fulldome Show: Magic of the Otherworld

A new fulldome show was just added to FDDB - The Fulldome Database, check it out:

Magic of the Otherworld by Northdocks Info, trailer & full length preview available. While rock and pop have appeared in the dome in laser shows for years, this is the first time a concert of harp music and animation has been done. Joachim Perschbacher, visual artist and manager of the North Docks production company, worked with Christine to weave together high-end 3D animation and green-screen filming. Christine Högl has received international acclaim for her musical performances, ranging from live concerts in planetarium domes, open-air concerts in gardens, to the series “Music of Silence” in churches. She collaborated in the production of the virtual landscapes, and through the use of green-screen technology, actually appears occasionally on the dome, playing her harps to accompany the immersive scenery.

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