New Outreach Version of Global Soundscapes Show

Global Soundscapes is an interactive fulldome / giant screen film that tells the story of how scientists are studying ecosystems around the world through sound and the changes they hear over time (

A co-production of Foxfire Interactive, Purdue University and Masters Digital, the film uses giant screen images, surround sound, and live presentation to take audiences on an ear-opening journey. But not everyone can afford to travel to a science center to visit the exhibit halls and see a giant screen film, so the Science Center of Iowa (SCI) and Foxfire Interactive worked together closely to develop a mobile outreach version of the film that could be taken out on the road to reach those underserved audiences.

“There are three major goals for the Global Soundscapes outreach program,” says Patrick Rice, Director of Learning Experiences at SCI. “One, create stronger ties with local communities. Two, educate communities about current and ongoing research that they can contribute to and see themselves as a part of the research/project. And three, introduce people to understanding how to identify various species through audio recordings.”

View the GSCA's full story at:

For questions about implementation of the outreach program, please contact Patrick Rice, Director of Learning Experiences, Science Center of Iowa,

For questions about the interactive film, please contact Brad Lisle, Producer/Director, Foxfire Interactive Corp.,

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