Thanks to the Fulldome community

From the entire team at NEST Immersion, we would like to thank the fulldome community and festivals for awarding us three great prizes for our most recent film, Cernunnos, including “Best of Show” and “Best Use of Dome” at Fulldome UK, and the “Janus First Year Students Award” at the Fulldome Festival in Jena. This fills us with great pride, for this project is the merging of both science and digital art, breaking away from the norm and delivering a more subtle and entertaining narrative to tell the story of the CERN. We’ve proven that even with no financial backing, no grants or private investors, independent artists are able to deliver quality fulldome films; and there is an audience there who appreciates them! We hope that our next films will live up to your expectations following this unexpected success. Until then, we finish the year with a very strong enthusiasm that makes us warm in the heart. Thanks also to FDDB for giving a platform of exchange and free visibility for all the people wishing to be part of this beautiful community. The 360 revolution continues! Pat & Sean, Nest Immersion

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